Ready Meals Packaging

Time is precious. Today’s shoppers look for meals that are quick, easy to prepare, and delicious. We offer packaging options for ready-to-heat and ready-to-cook in the oven and microwave that deliver greater convenience to consumers.

And, we know foodservice operators face the same time challenges. That’s why we have ready meal packaging available for foodservice that helps ensure food consistency, expand menu offerings and manage labor productivity.


Ready Meals Packaging for Food Processors

Packaging your products using Cryovac® microwaveable and dual ovenable technologies can provide a critical point of difference in the rapidly growing ready-to-heat and ready-to-cook categories. Thanks to our revolutionary packaging technology, serving everything from fresh steamed asparagus and broccoli to pork and poultry is as simple as one, two, three.

Microwavable Packaging Options

Simple Steps® vacuum skin packaging allows delicious meats, produce, seafood, and ethnic foods to be microwaved and served in just three simple steps.

Simple Steps® Lidstock offers a printable lidstock and tray package for entrees, sides and fresh produce.

Dual Ovenable Packaging Options

n’Oven™ OFT Tray package is ideal for the oven with an easy-open lidding film that is removed prior to placing in the oven.
Flex-Tray-Flex package utilizes Cryovac® skin-pack technology to incorporate a tray packaged between two flexible films.

Ready Meals Packaging for Foodservice Operators

Thanks to Simple Steps® technology, dishes that may be hard to prepare can come to the back of the house vacuum packed for freshness and ready to heat and serve. And it’s not just fast and easy, it’s as fresh and tasty as if it came straight from your kitchen.

Simple Steps® packaging is available in foodservice-sized trays compatible with steam tables or heat lamps. It is also an ideal option for limited time offers, easy menu extensions and effort-less take-out opportunities.

Imagine no take-out menu limitations. Imagine that you can simply and easily add new items, and rapidly introduce seasonal or promotional dishes. With Cryovac® Simple Steps® packaging your dream can be your reality. Items on your take-out menu could come from your supplier needing only re-heating before being carried home and enjoyed by your patrons.

Think about labor savings, product variety, quality, consistency, and food safety. Then think about how much simpler and more profitable take-out could become for you. You can offer the variety and consistency your customers want, without adding the capital investment you don’t want. Take-out ready items also allow you to better manage peak demand periods without increasing production labor. And since you only sell what you serve, there’s no shrink reduction or waste.

Ready Meals Packaging for Supermarket Retailers

Why does everyone love Cryovac® Ready Meals packaging? By pairing eye-catching presentation in the case and convenience in the kitchen, it’s attractive from store to table.

Our packages deliver all of the step-saving, easy meal preparation benefits consumers expect with options available for either the microwave or conventional oven. Ideal for a variety of merchandising presentations because of its excellent appearance and high barrier properties, it provides outstanding packaging attributes needed for today’s marketplace

Simple Steps® microwaveable and n’Oven™ dual ovenable

Simple Steps® microwaveable and n’Oven™ dual ovenable technologies can provide a critical point of difference in the rapidly growing heat-and-serve category. Options are available for pre-cooked entrees or fresh vegetables that make preparation, cooking time and clean-up a breeze.

Simple Steps® packaging

Simple Steps® packaging allows delicious meats, produce, seafood, and ethnic foods to be microwaved and served in just three simple steps.

Features and Benefits

  • Food can be served directly from the tray, so less clean up is required
  • Easy-open feature: peel off top film after heating instead of cutting open a hot pouch
  • No need to puncture or cut the package before or after heating, eliminating cuts or burns
  • Stay Cool side handles for easy removal of hot food from the microwave
  • Heating the product is a cleaner process, because irritating microwave splatters are eliminated
  • Freezer-ready, can be thawed in microwave

n’Oven™ OFT Tray package

n’Oven™ OFT Tray package can be cooked in a traditional oven as well as the microwave. Just remove the easy-open lidding film prior to placing in the oven. This allows browning of the product and versatility for consumers to be able to add their own seasonings. We offer several lidding options: traditional lidding, VSP and BDF

Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for breaded items, mashed potatoes, or items with sauces
  • Can be used for value-added meats currently in case ready
  • Consumer convenience
  • Easy-open
  • Consumers do not have to touch the meat Microwavable Packaging Options